Ron Paul stumps for third-party candidates -- all of them

Last week, former Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul held a press conference urging American voters to pull the lever for a third-party candidate this November -- any third party candidate. ...more

I, like a lot of people on these boards, fall somewhere between the two major party ...more

question about the economy!!

i recently posted on my job hunt frustration!! oh, its been almost 6 months!! i tried to get hired as a server, culinary, !! nope, nothing then it occured, maybee im not the only one do you belive its harder for a gir vs a guy to find a job? do you believe the situation shall get better in a year, 2 years, ever? do you believe any political candidate can do anything about it? ...more

Idaho (GOP) Primary-OPEN THREAD Discussion

Idaho votes today in their Republican primary, with the state sending a total of 32 delegates to the Republican National Convention in September. Local news reports indicate a "slow morning" turnout. ...more

With 89% of precincts reporting

McCain is estimated to have 70% of the vote and Ron Paul ...more

On this Mother's Day,

I am thankful for my Mummy and Grammy. ...more

Ron Nader

Ron Paul! Ron Paul! Jon Stewart had a great line last night in his opening monologue - Which I apparently was the only one watching. The ratings were abysmal. The lesson to learn for the academy would be : If No One Has Seen Your Movies, No One Is Going To Watch Your TV Show or Stars Good, Actors Bad. ...more

Why I Voted for Barack Obama

Last week I wrote about my excitement over the Wisconsin primary this past Tuesday. What I didn't confess was how much I agonized about which candidate I would vote for. ...more

I think the distinction that Tubbs Jones is both an individual voter and a super delegate and ...more

Campaign Spotlight on Wisconsin

On a crisp fall day in 1988, my father picked me up after school and brought me with him to a very important event. We were going to listen to a speech given by George H.W. Bush at the Stevens Point train depot. The soon-to-be forty-first president of the United States was making a campaign stop in our town of 23,000 people, and the traffic was backed up for miles. ...more

I would want every voter to vote based on their conscience; however, for all those “undecided" ...more

Smacking of Reason and Rightness

Since I’m only two months into blogging, I’m not sure how sensitive people are about things like religion and politics, but it doesn’t seem to get the same stigma as brining it up in person does. So here goes. Smart people are backing Ron Paul. My husband is a smart person, and he told me so. So I did some reading myself. Here are some facts: He has never voted to raise taxes. He has never voted for an unbalanced budget. He has never voted for a federal restriction on gun ownership. He has never voted to raise congressional pay. ...more