Parent's Bailout

Am I the only one out there feeling left out? Seriously. First the housing cooperation, then the auto cooperation and what is next: all of the credit cooperation in general? What about the parent cooperation, when is our turn, that is the question burning on my mind. Is it me or is the cost of everything going up from diapers to toys? We so wanted to be those responsible parents that bought our kid organic, healthy food but that stuff is so expensive we gave that up first. Did you see CBS news tonight? ...more

Yeah right? You think they could, oh I don't know, spare a few hundred K out of the millions ...more

Who's More Worried About the Economy -- Barack Obama or You?

Up until the last couple of days, I was sure that the economy and its sad, sad shape occupied the top spot on Barack Obama's worry list as President-elect. That pesky Illinois Governor seems to have knocked Obama off-message and off-stride, but I'm hoping he'll get his attention back to where it needs to be for the millions who voted for him -- and for the ones who didn't vote for him, as well. ...more

Show Her the Money

That Warren Buffett's bio is called The Snowball inadvertently has application also to the gathering speed of women's intention to share the nation's economic pie. We already know that the economy's downturn disproportionately affects women. But a number of ...more

Recession Proofing for Dummies: 7 Fool Proof Tips

I have been looking for some recession proofing tips from everywhere, experimenting in real life. While some of them work wonders, others are just not worth it. No offense to Home makers, but time is a very important issue with working mothers. Anything too time consuming is eventually not worth it. Here are some of the tried and true tips that actually work! 1. Go Green ...more

Quelling crazed consumerism

Cross posted at PhD in Parenting.  I want that I need that I like that I want it I want that I want this ...more

Thanks for your comment. That is a really great point. I see it already in our 20 month old ...more

Larry Summers is actually a champion for women

By Linda Bilmes, of the Harvard Kennedy School, co-author of The Three Trillion Dollar War ...more

As someone who has studied both the theory of Multiple Intelligences and differentiated ...more

Putting country first

As we head into the final hours of the 2008 presidential campaign, millions of voters will make the final decision as to whether they should cast their ballot for president for Senator McCain or Barack Obama. For me, the decision has been easy: I’m supporting Senator McCain, because I believe that he is best prepared to lead our country through the tremendous challenges we face, both at home and abroad. ...more

That can be a tough thing to accomplish in politics, where party loyalty is often ...more

A critical choice

Tomorrow, Americans will head to the polls and elect the next president of the United States.  The choice they will make is critically important, because the two candidates present very different paths for the United States, especially where the economy is concerned.  As a former U.S. ...more

Hi Rosario,

I appreciate the expertise you bring to this conversation. I have a few ...more

A Bold Prediction: White Americans Will Elect a Black President

Most white Americans will not vote for Barack Obama. No Democratic candidate for president has received a majority of white votes since Lyndon Johnson won in a landslide 44 years ago. But more white voters than voted for John Kerry, Al Gore and even Bill Clinton will vote for Obama on Tuesday if polls are correct. And they will join a majority of black, Asian American, Latino and Native American voters in a coalition that will make history on Tuesday. ...more

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I'm feeling grateful today for the feeling I have about my country. ...more

A Green-Collar Democrat for McCain-Palin

With just over a week until Election Day and our economy in disarray, it’s little surprise that the economic policies of both John McCain and Barack Obama have come into sharp focus for many Americans.  This has, of course, been aided by the emergence of Joe the Plumber as a major figure in the presidential campaign — though he is hardly the only current or prospective small-business owner looking closely at what the candidates are pledging to do to move the economy forward.  Since the beginning of the race, as the owner of a small business (and a Democrat), I have been carefully revi ...more

It's refreshing to hear support of McCain coming from other woman-owned businesses.  I think ...more