Green Obama

As President Bush announced yet another bail-out, this time for American automakers, it's hard to remember that there are other important problems that will need some serious attention when the administration takes over in January. ...more

Any kind of plan to save the planet is better than no plan at all. 

The Moxie Report. ...more


Hey Ladies, I hope you are doing good.I just want to say hi and to cheer you to continue working in anyways to keep a healthy and clean environment for all of us. ...more

Putting country first

As we head into the final hours of the 2008 presidential campaign, millions of voters will make the final decision as to whether they should cast their ballot for president for Senator McCain or Barack Obama. For me, the decision has been easy: I’m supporting Senator McCain, because I believe that he is best prepared to lead our country through the tremendous challenges we face, both at home and abroad. ...more

That can be a tough thing to accomplish in politics, where party loyalty is often ...more

A Green-Collar Democrat for McCain-Palin

With just over a week until Election Day and our economy in disarray, it’s little surprise that the economic policies of both John McCain and Barack Obama have come into sharp focus for many Americans.  This has, of course, been aided by the emergence of Joe the Plumber as a major figure in the presidential campaign — though he is hardly the only current or prospective small-business owner looking closely at what the candidates are pledging to do to move the economy forward.  Since the beginning of the race, as the owner of a small business (and a Democrat), I have been carefully revi ...more

It's refreshing to hear support of McCain coming from other woman-owned businesses.  I think ...more

Have a Greener Halloween

A friend was telling me the other day that she can’t believe how much ‘stuff’ people in Northern California buy for Halloween. She is from a small town in Southern California and they never bought costumes or make-up. They would just make their own from old clothes and maybe put charcoal on their faces. She has a good point. Our love affair with buying things for any occasion is out of control, and likely not just in Northern California. When looking at greener solutions to your typical Halloween Holiday, consider the basics and what you really need to have fun. ...more

Thanks for the green ideas! Very ...more

Getting Clean and Natural

We live in a pretty dirty world, and I’m not just talking about political mud slinging. Getting clean is a tricky subject. Many personal care products in the general marketplace use harsh chemicals that can harm you and strip your body of good bacteria.      ...more

What's So Great About Hemp?

  Hemp is a touchy subject in this country. There’s an incorrect assumption that hemp and marijuana are the same thing. For the purpose of discussing hemp from an environmental perspective, let’s clear up some misinformation right off the bat. ...more

Last day on the green contest

Tomorrow is the last day for the free garment contest on my site, with a 60% off for the second place. I wish I would see more entries. Is it possible that we don’t have anything to say about green living? ...more

Cruising Green?

Cruising green? ...more