Celebrating National Women's Equality Day

Women gained the right to vote in the US on this day only ninety-six years ago. Considering that our nation’s first election was held in 1788 (over two hundred years ago!), it’s still a pretty big deal for us ladies.I’d also like to mention that in 1920, when the 19th Amendment passed, this was mostly for white women. It was a long time before women of color gained equal access to the polls....more

Why I’m Not Voting This Year

Image Source: http://inhomelandsecurity.com...more

My Father is Voting for Trump!

My father and I talk almost daily, with roughly 50% of our conversations focusing on weather and traffic, another 25% on updates such as my daughter lost her first tooth or my son got an A on a French test, and the last 25% of real life stuff like how many more rounds of chemo for  ...more

Super Tuesday, Hillary and Autism

Happy or Unhappy Super Tuesday, as the case may be. Many of us are, understandably, too busy to pay attention to the political arena, so I will make this short and sweet (or not so sweet if you disagree)....more

Legalized It.

Oregon, say hello to your new state weed: ...more

Musings and Ramblings on the Election Results

I’m not going to pretend to be very informed about the issues and what happened last night. I am, however, taking time today to figure out where the country stands, post-election. At first glance this morning it seemed a bit depressing. I looked at a map of the election results and I saw a whole lot of red. I’m not going to lie, that scares me....more

Why I Voted

I have to be honest - I struggled with whether to write about this as I wasn't even sure I was going to vote. I'm so jaded when it comes to politics lately. I see link after link shared on Facebook, many that are just plain false - and these links end up with tons of comments about how "mad" everyone is about this false thing that they never even took the time to look up. (SPOILER ALERT: Obama didn't slam stay-at-home moms.)...more
Yes! My thoughts exactly!more

#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 4: I Voted

Today I voted.At other points in time after I reached the legal voting age, I might have felt conflicted about what I did today.Hear me out....more

It's Voting Day!

Here in the U.S. it’s that time again. It’s voting day! I admit I am usually a much more informed voter than I am today but through the power of Google and social media I am taking time today to look up candidates and ballot issues and doing my best to vote with my conscious....more