BlogHer Reviewers try Smartfood and Give You 10 Chances to Win $100!

Update 7/15/09: This sweepstake has now ended. Thank you for your interest in this promotion.

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It's not easy finding a snack that indulges your need for a delicious snack while still providing some positive nutrition. That's why Frito-Lay gave 8 BlogHers a chance to review the new Smartfood Popcorn Clusters.

Check out their reviews below for a chance to win $100 on each blog! And it gets better, we are also giving you 2 chances to win on!

Smartfood Popcorn Clusters are so delicious that you won't believe they are also a sensible snack option. Smartfood is available in three tasty flavors (Cranberry Almond, Honey Multigrain and Chocolate Cookie Caramel Pecan). Smartfood is a great combination of indulgence with a side of good nutrition. For more on this and other sensible snack options check out A Woman's World.

Now for 8 chances to win a $100 Visa gift card, check out the reviews and enter to win! Then, submit your comments below for another 2 chances!

  • RhiInPink was "thrilled to see that Smartfood has a new line of snacks- Popcorn Clusters that are pre-packaged into single serving sizes." They make a perfect snack for her long days at work. Her only wish is that she could keep her co-workers out of her snack drawer! 
  • Everyday Goddess is a bit of a health nut and likes her snacks with only a touch of sweetness. Check out her review to see what flavor of Smartfood she found best to satisfy her snacking urges!
  • Over at Murraycrew, Jen is a mother of quadruplets and always on-the go. She said, "Smartfood is the perfect hold-me-over for any woman. Working, Student, Mom, or Retired, we're all on the go. Smartfood grab and go packets make a having a sensible snack an easy option for once!" 

  • Over at I-am-Styleish, Tiffany has already thrown some snack size packets of Smartfood in her purse to munch while she in on the go. She has even given them out to her family and girlfriends to try and they loved it! See what she has to say about Smartfood and enter to win one of 10 gift cards on her site now! 

  • Alittlepieceofme Ashley say's "it is no secret that I love to eat!...I have tried a lot of "healthy" foods in my day...Smartfood offers just the right characteristics in a popcorn snack that make this girl happy!"

  • OhHowLovely's biggest issues with eating healthy is feeling like she is denying herself of things she really enjoys. Enter Smartfood! It's an easy, delicious snack for everyone. Don't forget to leave her a comment for a chance to win!

Now for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card, just tell your fellow BlogHers, in the comment section below, how you celebrate girl's night in. Hurry! Contest ends July 15, 2009.*

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