Special thank-you: the (free!) guide to killer confidence

Creat Killer Confidence

Recently, I’ve begun helping people zero in on + tackle their health goals through one-on-one coaching. And you know what? It’s the greatest.

Bullshit-free conversation + deep self-reflection + the sharpening of lofty, abstract desires into actionable steps that actually make a difference? Talk about impactful, badass work.

But not everyone needs a health coach–right now, or ever–and that’s okay. Even if you’re here just for the blog posts, the meal planning templates or simply out of curiosity, your time is incredibly valuable. And for the time that you spend here, I am so grateful.

So I wrote you something.

It’s a guide to the number one desire that’s shown up in almost every coaching session thus far: confidence.

SO. MANY. of us are depriving ourselves of self-worth and, yes, confidence until we cross XYZ Goal off our to-do lists. You know the one–to lose ### pounds, to make $### per year or to finally buy that [full sleeve tattoo, effortlessly chic wardrobe, plane ticket to New Zealand].

But it totally does not have to be that way.

What if I told you that you could feel awesome, sexy and free right now, while you work toward those goals?
This guide breaks down how to do just that.

And in appreciation for the time we spend here together, it’s totally free.

Snag your copy by scribblin' your name + email into the righthand sidebar on my homepage; you can also find the same form on my ABOUT PAGE.

If you need someone who’ll truly believe in you and (lovingly) kick your butt into gear, let me know. Otherwise enjoy the read and keep rockin’ on with your bad self.

And thank you, truly, for hangin’ around. I’m here because you are.

- – – – – – – – – – -

Want more personalized meal-planning and habit-changing help, but don’t have time for long-term coaching? Check out my Immediate Relief session.

Immediate Relief Session



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