Spend Less Save More: 52 Week Challenge

This time of year were are all thinking how can we save more after all the end of each year for some ends in a spending spree, stocking up on after Christmas sales. If you feel you need to save more this year this is a relatively painless way take the 52 week challenge. The Challenge is simple place a reminder on your calendar and start by moving $1.00 from your checking or debit card account to your savings and each week for 52 weeks add another dollar each week this week $1.00, next $2.00 and so on. You could also start at $52.00 and go down to $51.00 and so on the point is to save now this way at the end you will be saving $1,387.00 what a great end of the year that would be.


This would give you an emergency account and a way to pay for your end of the year shopping trips. We started our kids on the challenge this year it shows them how to save and how to be responsible with their savings accounts and let’s face it the sooner they learn to save the less they will be asking you for cash. I’ve learned they are less likely to spend money when it’s their own.

For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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