Spend Less Save More: Avoid Stockpile Mistakes

Now that you have stockpiling on the mind thanks to yesterdays blog here’s a few tips on how to avoid stockpiling mistakes.

Buying too much: Be careful not to buy more than you can use before the product expires remember that many non-food items, like deodorant, have expiration dates too. It can be easy to over-stockpile, especially when you’re starting out, seeing a deal, and aren’t sure how much to get. The best way to prevent this is to pay attention to how much of a product you and your family go through, and buy accordingly. If you use a jar of pasta sauce twice a month, and pasta sauce is at a 3-month stock up price at your store, you may want to purchase six jars. If you do overbuy and realize you won’t be able to use something before it expires, hurry and donate your extras to a food bank, or needy neighbor prior to the expiration date.

Stockpiling a new product:Do not stock up on a new product without trying it first even if it’s free. It may turn out that you dislike the smell, flavor, or effectiveness. Buying a giant package of a different diaper brand and finding out it always leaks, or getting 20 deodorants and realizing after one application that it makes you break out, are just a few of the worse possible outcomes for a  stockpile. Basically it’s unwise to stock up on an unfamiliar product just because it’s cheap or free. Always sample the product before buying in bulk this will save you money in the long run. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com 


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