Spend Less Save More: Be kind to other Shoppers

Have you ever had 50 or more coupons and encountered a negative response to your coupons from your cashier or your fellow shoppers. Well as far as fellow shoppers go I haven’t, but I did find early on in my couponing journey that certain stores and cashiers respond differently to couponers. Age at times and even gender makes a difference. I find that the younger the cashier the easier the transaction and males are easiest for me.  Now I don’t mean to say that women don’t appreciate couponers not at all it just seems that men are less talkative and move faster in my experience.

 These are a few tips on making your couponing experience while in your favorite store a bit more pleasant.

Organization is key to any transaction wither you have 5 or 50 coupons if you don’t have organization knowing  you’re not having a good check out and no one wants to hear that dreaded beep. Check and double check your coupons before you place your items in your cart or on that conveyer belt.

Don’t clear shelves as stated in previous blogs. Clearing shelves is unnecessary and you never have enough room in your cart. Special  orders are brought to your  check out lane when you’re ready for them and al l you have to do is inform the store manager or help desk of your special order prior to shopping and then check the order before allowing your cashier to ring it up.

Carrying your store policy in your binder is important for every store you shop some stores especially this time of year have new employees and they may not be as familiar with the store policy as you are. For your store policy click here.

Be considerate of other shoppers. If you have more than one basket or transaction tell the cashier as well as the shoppers in line behind you so they know that your order will take a while and they may choose another line.

You may find that the shoppers behind you are in line behind you to learn more about your savings and how it’s all done just take the time to explain what’s going on and you will find that others are just as interested in saving as you are.

Above all stay calm with those around you and your day of shopping and saving will go smoother than you expected and you just may change and educate those around you about savings and who doesn’t want to save.  For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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