Spend Less Save More: Count your Coupons

Count your coupons.

 I was in line the other day and a couponer was in front of me she had a large pile of coupons, but I noticed one thing she wasn’t counting them and when she handed them to the cashier she was looking around at the items on the impulse shelves behind her and didn’t realize that the cashier didn’t scan all of her coupons.

I noticed that a few stuck together and when she heard her total she was shocked.  Don’t worry I stepped in and asked the cashier to check the pile again to make sure he had scanned all the coupons he check and realized a few of the printed coupons were stuck together.

 I told her that she needs to count her coupons and separate her coupons in piles and hand a few over at a time. I often mix print coupons with insert coupons to make sure they don’t stick together. Count them at the counter and separating them in say piles of five will not only help you know just how many coupons should be credited to order but the cashier takes their time to make sure each coupon scans and when that happens  your savings will add up to the right amount each time. When you check your coupons double check the expiration date and don’t worry if there not in order of scanned items it only take a few seconds for the cashier to find them on the screen and credit your order.  One of the most important thing to remember when you checking out is to keep an eye on that  register and on your coupon pile when your cashier is scanning and you will be satisfied with your savings every time you put too much work into it so make sure you get your savings. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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