Spend Less Save More: Coupon clean out time

Today is a good time to clean out your coupon holder or binder. Before cleaning out your old coupons if you haven't already go to our coupling for charity page and sign up for a military base. By sending your expired coupons to an overseas consistency you can help a military family far from home. Once you have chosen your base label a large envelope with your base address, and remember that mail to a base overseas cost the same as if you were mailing it in to a US base. As you clean out your binder you should delegate your coupons into categories food and no food items, this helps the base with distribution. I just lay them on a sheet of paper then flip the paper and staple the ends and Mark it food or non food, then I just place them in my predeceased envelope.


Now that you have removed the expired coupons take not of soon to expire coupons and search online or in your circulars for a sale. Now I’m not suggesting just because a coupon is about to expire that you need to use it not at all. Remember that sales run in cycles this coupon or sale will come back in an average of 8-12 weeks.


Your next step is to gather your inventory list, circulars, and coupons to determine if you have enough coupons for the quantity you need. If you feel you need more after asking your friends, fellow couponers, and you need to order more why not try Coupon Dede this is the place I personally go to when I have reached my print limit. I have never been disappointed in the service they are fast and very accurate.


Before you complete your final shopping list take into consideration any upcoming events in the week or month depending on how often you shop. Remember shopping with coupons not only requires time to prepare, but it helps you plan for upcoming events and helps to eliminate last minute over spending.


I hope that these tips will help you save money and make your shopping trips a bit less stressed.  For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com 


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