Spend less save more: Coupon Etiqutte Avoid Empty Shevles

What to do if you find your store shelves empty? First of all take into consideration are you or have you been guilty yourself of clearing a shelf if so try to take into consideration others when shopping. If you have 10 or more coupons for a single item then you should always call ahead and place a special order.

 Placing a special order not only saves time its also being considerate of others. So when you can special orders are the way to go just make sure before you check out that you make sure that your special order corresponds to your coupons.

 Now being part of the problems we’ve all been a bit guilty of at times so just follow coupon etiquette. What does that mean well, don’t go through a store and tear off Peelies, don’t unload a blinkie machine and don’t take an entire tear pad just because you believe you can. Save some for the other shoppers.

 Now if you’re shopping and have a coupon for two Uncle Ben Rice for the price of one and there’s only two left on the shelf then find you can take them if you have 20 coupons and there are 40 on the shelf and you take all 40 well really do we really need 40 ask yourself that question before clearing the shelf.

Remember that sales like these are rare so if you expect the product to be there then don’t show up 4-5 days into a sale show up at the latest day 2 or 3  this way you know you have the product at the price you want.   However if you do go day 2 and your product isn’t there then try my old favorite the “rain check” this is a great advantage in almost every store once you have your rain check make a special order and then you know that you can use the rain check and coupons when the store has your special order ready to go.

So when you find an empty shelf don’t despair remember your coupon etiquette and never forget sales come in cycles it will be on sale again. Visit www.where2save.com for more tips and savings.


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