Spend Less Save More: December Sales/Cyber Week Savings

December 1, 2013

Wow December and only 23 days until Christmas Day. I hope you took advantage of the many sales this weekend if you haven’t found what you’re looking for remember tomorrow begins Cyber Monday and some retailers will be offering Cyber deals all week so come back to the site frequently. Also take advantage of the many coupons available many manufactures have take this time to roll out new products so you will find a great deal of high valued coupons available when it comes to  new products you can’t beat hopster for high valued coupons.


If you didn’t used your 52 week challenge money during the busy shopping kick off then you currently have $1,225.00 in your savings account. I hope that you have great investments in mind if you are not using it this Christmas season and that keeping your 52 week challenge commitment has help your family and I hope you will continue it next year.


Let’s take a look at the items on sale this December they are as follows:

Holiday Dinner: egg nog, deli platters, instant potatoes, gravy mixes, Rhodes rolls, frozen pies, cranberry sauce, Jello, marshmallows

Baking: flour, sugar, butter, cream, cake mixes, brownie mixes, muffin mixes, breads, pie crusts, marshmallows, whipped cream

Canned foods: soup, broth, condensed milk, vegetables, fruits, spaghetti sauce

Clearance: Buy all your Thanksgiving decorations, extra table settings, and turkey carving products now once they’re at least 50% off.

For coupons from all the sources on the site visit the coupon resource page at www.where2save.com

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