Spend Less Save More: Easter Traditions Making Cascarones(Confetti Eggs)

With Easter just 2 weeks away, I start thinking about what to fill my kid’s baskets with. As some of you may know my kids don’t eat candy or drink sodas so the “traditional chocolate bunny “is out we have never given them any. We usually fill their baskets with books, toys, software, cds etc. so now I’m looking online for deals for these items. Our site does have many options so if you are looking for a newer healthier way to celebrate without having to visit the dentist you may want to try this way this year. Now don’t get me wrong we still have a barbeque we do live in Texas after all and we do have one cake that we make each year chocolate with whipped topping. So they do have a treat we also have traditions of cascarones which is our traditional Easter egg filled with confetti. You simply spend a few weeks cracking eggs at breakfast or when cooking. First you crack a small hole on the top and simply sake the egg out you should have an opening large enough to be filled with confetti, now rinse with water and stand upside down so the water drains. When dry dye them as you would a boiled Easter egg then fill with confetti and glue tissue paper to the egg to cover the opening. We make about six dozen cascarones each year my family enjoys cracking them over one another’s head this is the Hispanic symbolization of rebirth of Christ the egg cracking open. For my family Easter would not be the same without them so get cracking and start a new tradition of your own. What are some of your Easter traditions? Post them and let us know what makes your Easter special.  For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com

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