Spend Less Save More: End of the Month Review of Spending

Today is the end of January wow this month has gone quickly. Make time to go through your accounts and make a list of expenses and income for the month. Where has your money gone? Did you put money into your savings account?

If not make a deposit it’s still not too late to take part in the 52 week challenge just add $10.00 to your savings account and you’re all caught up just keep up with it and add $11.00 next week and $12.00 the next and so on and at the end of the year you would have saved $1,387.00. 


By taking the time to learn where your money has gone you’ll learn where you can cut over spending or where you have saved and how you can save more. This maybe a way to learn that you’ve done a good job saving or where you feel you can do better. Remember to add you shopping note book so that next December when you start to think of post holiday savings you will know what was on sale this January 2013 and compare what will be on sale January 2014 this will help you decide if you are truly getting a deal or not.  This will also help with your taxes for  2013 wither you work for yourself or someone else itemization can always help it  just talk to your CPA about it this year and you can prepare as the months so on this year and it will make getting your taxes done faster even if you choose to itemize.


 I hope that this year will bring you a pattern of saving and bring you and your family a future debt free. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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