Spend Less Save More: The Extreme Couponing Way: What kind of couponer do you want to be?

Now if you are the kind of person that goes through the Sunday paper and takes out just one or two coupons that you know you’ll be using that week. Then perhaps you are a casual beginner to the coupon world

 What kind of couponer are you? Are you a pro, disorganized, impulsive or just a creature of habit?

 Over the next four day we will be going over each type of couponer as we learn how to let your style save you money no matter what kind of couponer you are and what kind you want to be.

 I know when you hear about extreme couponing you want to jump into stock piling and trying to get as much as you can for as inexpensively as possible. Well learning how to do that at a slow and reasonable rate will not only allow you time to learn how to coupon with minimal issues, but how to prepare your home and your family for that goal of a stock piller.  Not to mention save you time and that all important money. 

 If you consider yourself a pro you never shop without coupon on hand, you check on your favorite website for new coupons daily, you keep up to date with your favorite stores coupon policy and reward cards.

 Just some quick tips just to make sure your pro status remains in place.  Know which stores double coupons in your area and when they are in effect.  Kmart has double coupon days a few weeks a year sometimes advertise other times you must simply check the site.  Target offers several saving opportunities; check them out by going to our Target page, where you can get coupons, codes and the best matchups.

 Swapping with friends and family spread the savings and multiply the coupons. When you start swapping coupons you won’t be limited to two print out on each coupon and you won’t have to buy as many newspapers. Make a list of your most used coupons and needed items swap them with your group and save time and money.

 Favorite – make your favorite coupon and shopping site part of the home page of your smart phone.

This way you’ll know when changes have been made and when that coupon or deal you’ve been waiting for has arrived.

Just a caution if you are a pro one of the pit fall could be over spending. How do you know if you’re over spending? If you tend to go over your set budget, and you should always have a set budget. If you don’t use  what you buy,  you  aren’t saving it’s best to purchase only two months worth of  non perishable product to start and one month of perishables  and make sure you use what you buy. Use our download page ,you will find tools to help you keep track of what you buy, what you have and what you feel you need. There‘s even a helpful download for inserts schedules, and month to month savings.

For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com

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