Spend Less Save More: Go Dutch and Save Big

Go Dutch and save big.

I’m often approached by mothers in store asking how to coupon and how they can afford to shop without coupons and still buy enough for their families. Two mothers who were shopping and on public assistance using the Texas Lone Star Card, asked if they aren’t able to buy milk or meat and some fruits products and for them most importantly baby wipes and diapers, diapers and wipes are not items that their Lone Star Card covers, how can they save if they don’t have coupons. I told them about going Dutch on a warehouse club membership the one in our town is Sam’s Club , they not only offer a club on their card membership that gives you $10.00 on every $500.00 purchase they have a auto discount on items purchases that changes each month. The best new for them is that they can use the Lone Star card at Sam’s for any purchases they don’t have  coupon for in their local grocery store.

By splitting their purchases they save and their benefits go further each month and they know they are getting a good product. Splitting the cost of your purchase with a friend even if you’re not on public assistance is just plain smart if you don’t’ need a gallon olive oil or 20 dozen eggs you can still take advantage of the club cost and split the purchasers evenly. This helps stretch a your budget and it keeps you from over buying. Let’s face it if you get a great deal on Romaine lettuce and half go bad because you can’t eat all that in two weeks then really you’ve over paid for your product and that could have benefited someone else.

This system doesn’t only apply to club stores it works in your favorite grocery store as well think of the summer sales how often do you run into Buy 10/ $10.00 sales  do you really need 10 of anything and think of it 5/$5.00 is still a great deal on basically any item in any store. Talk with your friends try it out for one shopping trip it does take some planning , but as long as you both have a clear cut list of what you will be going dutch in you can make this work with a little corporation.

* Use our download page for shopping list and price charts to help with your planning and just like any other shopping trip make sure you have your coupons and store policy with you, using more than one transaction can help stretch your savings in most stores.

Tip: Summer is just around the corner, so keep an eye out for closeout prices at the store, farmer’s markets, and you-pick locations on cases or bushels of produce. Split the fresh fruit and veggies with another family while still getting in on the great discounted prices.

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