Spend Less Save More: Healthy Couponinig


Let’s talk healthy couponing in a recently entry I wrote about a conversation I had with a mom concerned about being able to buy healthy food while couponing. Let’s see what we can do to change the perception of unhealthy couponing.

Well for me buying sugar filled cereal, sodas, candy, white pasta or breads has never been an option for my family. We don’t eat candy I make chocolates from 100% coca baking chocolates Ghirardelli
my favorite, cereals are whole grain , nothing with sugar in the title , pastas and bread all whole grain, my kids drink fat free milk, orange juice or water that’s it no soda sweet juices or cool aid. I know you all must think that‘s just wrong, but you see my husband and I from my first pregnancy on decided this is the life style we want for our family so to our kids this is normal. When someone offers them candy or soda they simply say no thank you no big deal their friends think it’s different, but they don’t seem to mind.

It’s like that saying out of sight out of mind well in our home not here can’t eat it. As parents it’s
up to us to be responsible for what we allow and bring into our homes from food to alcohol to tobacco we don’t do those either no smoking or alcohol in our home either we do have for my husband and myself ice tea, pink
lemonade , and for my husband’s working conditions Gatorade.

How do you change your eating habits now if you chose to? Take a look into your pantry as a family and assign duties. Let someone pull an item from the shelves another writes it down along with the quantity, someone reads the label and as a family you decide if it’s good for you or if it should be donated and not purchased again. Making these decisions as a family will make it easier to follow the new guidelines if your kids know why they’re no longer allowed the sugary cereal or snack. By changing the foods you eat you will be surprised just how much energy eating the right foods will give you.

Buying foods with multiple functions is a great way to make your dollar go farther. You have a bag of frozen peas and carrots this is versatile just add then to whole wheat pasta and you have a great casserole or side dish. I also add the peas and carrots to my whole wheat rice. Making your own spaghetti sauce , check our download page for this recipe and ways to make it stretch into other dishes, is a great time saver when made into many other dishes this is a way to control sugar and sodium as well as quantity. When I serve my pasta I never add the sauce I place both in separate dishes this reduced the amount of past each person serves and I’ve found if I
just sprinkle olive oil and herbs over the pasta my family eats it wit out sauce. More healthy ideas to come  For more tips and savings visit  www.where2save.com



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