Spend Less Save More: How to save using Home Delievery Services

Save time and money with food delivery services

I mentioned not too long ago about the problem I’ve had with the quality of meat being sold in my local stores. I finally have a solution to that it’s a home delivery service. I was surprised that they’re still around when the Sparkling City Foods, salesman came to my door showing me his meats and his specials. I thought no way they can’t be that inexpensive and taste good.

 Well I was wrong that day I bought a case of chicken fillets containing six boxes and six different kinds of marinated chicken fillets and one plain I also bought a four box package of various steaks rib eye, t-bone and others. At the time the special was $180.00 for the whole thing and I loved the fact they were vacuumed sealed and I could serve 1-4 or just one at a time. I love my vacuum packed foods you know that they simply last longer in the freezer.

 The salesman also told me they were guaranteed for 60 days and if I tried something I didn’t like the I could call him and he’d switch it the remaining box for something I did want to try. We now order from Sparkling City Foods monthly it saves me a trip and I can mix and match between steaks, chicken and pork and next month I’m trying their fully cooked entrees.

 I figured since it’s hard to find meat coupons and who likes going from store to store looking for decent meat I can save on my other necessities and try this service for a few months. I love the service and my family enjoys the meat and barbecue season is quickly upon us so I think all in all I did very well and you can’t beat free delivery anywhere. So if you are in the Corpus Christi, area checks out Sparkling City Foods and for a coupon visit www.where2save.com and check out a small sample of my order.


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