Spend Less Save More: How to start a price book

Staring your price book? Where to begin with these five simple steps you can keep track of the things you by most and where to spend less and save more.


Let’s start at home go through old receipts and sales circulars to accumulate prices for the items on your list note them. This will prepare you for putting your information into a price book.


Make a list of your family’s essential purchases. Start off small maybe 10-30 items of the most frequently purchased item and pantry staples. You can add more items and stores as you get the hang of it.


Keep an eye on your prices for three months. This means going to the store or through circulars every week and record the prices of your most purchases items.

Keep your book current. After keeping track of your store’s sales cycle chick in each month to make sure your book is up to date.  Now prices can be affected by the economy and weather so  sub in new figures when you seem them consistently. Consider these prices buy prices.

When to stock up? By using your collected data you should know when to stock up. When you see your “buy price” purchase as much as you feel you can afford and what you have room for. Just keep expiration dates and ways you can keep your items fresh.


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