Spend Less Save More: Kitchen Storage Inexpensively

Quick fix for finding the things you use most in your kitchen. For me and I think most people the most used appliance in our kitchens is the microwave. So I was in the dollar store and ran across a office supply bin you know the kind with wheels on it and three storage shelves so. It was small enough to fit between my oven and my counter which is where it now sits.


The top drawer already had dividers so this is where I placed my microwave only utensils wooden spoons, plastic stirrers etc. in the second drawer I placed my plastic wraps which we seem to go through so much because of the microwave use, also put my wax paper, and parchment paper as well as aluminum foil. The foil is for oven use only. I used the final drawer to store my food save supplies.


My daughter who just loves anything that resembles a sticker noticed that the dollar store also sold shelf liners that stick to plastic so she spent the day decorating our new storage container baking supply liners. The storage containers is in a space I was not using and makes it much easier to find the items my family need so now I don’t have go on a hunt just to heat up a bowl of soup or to  make pop corn which is now on the lower  drawer as well.

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