Spend Less Save More: Missing Inserts what to do

What to do if inserts are missing from your Sunday paper. There are several actions that can be taken.

First step in purchasing any newspaper is always check the Sunday Coupon Preview before purchasing a paper. If there are not going to be any inserts that week, you may choose not to purchase a paper that week.

 Based on your Sunday Coupon Preview you will know which inserts will be in your paper if for some reason they are not just phone your newspaper customer service and explain your situation.

 If the publisher was not limited this week just ask that they drop off a new paper or inserts.  If you have it delivered or you pick it up at the store its still the publishers responsibility to have their entire product in order.

 However if you are picking up your own paper remember to check it first to make sure all of your inserts are in place and I know it’s tempting to just go on to the next paper and add inserts to your own , but really that would  be dishonest and you would be stealing form the next person who is looking for their inserts so stick to your coupon etiquette and  just leave with your own paper.

Home delivered papers are the most likely to have their inserts intact. Call around to local papers and ask if they have deals for Sunday only subscriptions or multiple copy plans. A good rule of thumb is to order at least one newspaper per person in your household.

I f your local paper doesn’t carry inserts or you forgot to pick up your Sunday paper try this great online service, Coupon Dede I use  it myself occasionally when I just feel  I need more coupons than I can gather. The service is fast reliable and I have never been disappointed. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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