Spend Less Save More: More than one use for a product

More than one use for a product.


I’ve written in the past about using items we purchase for more than one use. Such as cooking sprays. I use Pam for so much it works well not just for baking I use it when I boil pasta I fill a pan with water spray Pam while it boils add my pasta and my pasta never sticks to each other or the bottom of my pot. I
also use it for slow cooking meals.

I spray my PAM in my slow cooker sprinkle my seasoning add my ribs sprinkle some more and add my sauce and by the end of the day I have a great rib dinner and no sticky clean up. I love spending less time in the kitchen when I can and this PAM definitely did that for me. Do you know of other ways to use PAM that’s worked for you?

I’m always looking for ways to use it so that when I see it on sale or have great coupon for it I pick it up, for me it is like stock piling mustard I use it so often I don’t like running out, and with at least for my family in Texas we are never truly out of barbecue season. For more tips and savings visit


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