Spend Less Save More : Organize you Fridge to save

Organizing the fridge is a challenge for me with teenagers and one of them has hypothyroidism, and has to eat three meals and three snacks with high calories every day to maintain a healthy weight. My fridge seems to be opened every other hour around here. So this year I decided to put some organization into the fridge in my kitchen I have two, yes to only because my old fridge has some issues with space and cooling it still works for keeping drinks cold and storing fruits and vegetables and of course the main reason I kept it was the freezer it works so great it’s kept off my laundry room. 


Some of the things I changed are the way I store my food. I bought a food saver for freezer items and fresh vegetables and fruits as well as breads and dry leftovers. I also invested in some rectangle and squared shaped see through containers. They stack easier and I realized when I had bowls they tended to take up much more room. It was an inexpensive but efficient way to make storing easier.


I also designated areas of my fridge. Drinks on the top, condiments and leftovers on one shelf, adding eggs and milk on the third shelf lowest shelf contains fruits and vegetables below. My husband came up with placing a plastic lazy Susan in the fridge for condiments he said he this would make sandwich making faster, and it does.


Snacks and herbs go on door shelving. I realized that I could freezer some of my pecans I bought so many during my baking this winter.  You can also freeze flour, bread crumbs and some spices they all last longer when frozen. Check out stilltasty.com for details.  More tips on food storage to come.

Visit www.where2save.com 


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