Spend Less Save More: Organize your Laundry room in 2013

Laundry room for me this is so important to keep organized with teenager it always seems that room is used daily. My laundry room is off my kitchen and thank goodness I’m not able to hear any of my machines in the rest of my home.

So in my laundry room I take advantage of the height and my husband’s carpentry skills. I had him place a high shelf for boxes that I usually use for hiding birthday gifts in and the occasional hangers.

I also have a shelf that was formally a roll in counter, the kind used in small apartments with limited space. I found it on sale a few years ago during the January sales on furniture and home appliances. I use it to store my laundry need and cleaning supplies. Laundry detergent, spot removers, swiffer supplies, etc

I also have pegs on the wall for holding my dog grooming supplies I have a canvas bag that holds the dog’s towels, blankets and soft toys. This way my kids know where they are when their dogs need baths.
I also have pegs that hold my shopping bags this way when I tell my kids to get or put them away they know exactly where they are.

Buckets are great for holding out door toys I have them on the floor of my laundry room they hold bats, balls, squirt guns you know all the things that shouldn’t go into the rest of your home.

Use your walls as much as possible it keeps the clutter off the floor for the most part and takes advantage of small spaces. This room also holds my ironing board and iron so it makes for quick ironing when I have to easier.

I also had my husband install a tension rod so that I can hang clothe quickly I don’t iron inside clothing , play clothes etc , but my kids don’t do well with wrinkles so quick fixes like the rod or even a strong fishing wire can help reduce your ironing time. I also keep a spare laundry basket for folding when I have time that is.

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