Spend Less Save More: Pantry Space Saving Tips

Organizing the kitchen is still an ongoing project for me it seems just when I have things the way I want them then I run out of space. This year organization has become one of my goals beginning with the room I use the most the kitchen. I’ve decided to try the logical approach I’ve place items that I use together near one another in the pantry as a Hispanic household I make rice at least once a week so I place in the same can dispenser one can of Swanson chicken broth low sodium of course, crushed tomatoes one behind the other so that I can simply pull the cans I need together I also have my refried beans right next to them.


I recently purchase a food saver so I took an afternoon to premeasure the items I use often. As I said I usually cook and bake from scratch, but my family love flour tortillas so I use a premeasured mix I just add water to and so I measured the 4 cups of tortilla mix I use for 24 tortillas. What I learned from this is that buy premeasuring did save time and eliminated some of the mess, I can be a messy measurer aren’t we all? Anyway the process went faster when I had to mix and roll out 24 tortillas.


 I also realized that by using the food saver I saved space in my pantry by placing all the premeasured bag into one see through container marked with the quantity and item I also did this with my bag of sugar I managed to get 10 lbs of sugar in 4 cups each bag and 22 ½ cups of tortilla mix in the same container and I don’t have to lift those heavy bags each time I need to fill the sugar container or make tortillas.


This told me that I can now afford to buy a bigger bag of tortillas mix and not worry about the entire bag going bad and this will let them last longer. So my family can enjoy their homemade tortillas minus the fat. If you have other ways to save on space in the kitchen please give your tips believe me I need them.


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