Spend Less Save More: Refill your swiffer yourself and save

Frugal week begins. This week I will be giving you my best frugal tips. This just means I’ll be giving you ways to make what you have last longer. Starting with those over priced swiffer solution refills. I know I’ve spent way too much on refills and often felt why can’t I just take this top off and pour in some of my own cleaner. So I asked my husband being handy he thought of a way I could do just that.

Step 1. Boil water about 2 in deep in a small sauce pan and place your empty container upside down and wait about 90 seconds.

Step 2: Twist hard and it will twist right off.

Step 3: Use a small scissor or nail clipper to cut off the locking tab.

Step 4: Refill with your favorite less expensive cleaning solution

I prefer ½ pile Sol and ½ water they work well and dry quickly.


And there you have it a quick easy way to save money with what you already have.


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