Spend Less Save More: Savings after a Shopping Trip

Now that you’ve saved at the grocery store, your home savings on your purchases begin. When you return home and notice you have a coupon you meant to use you can still use it on the order you’ve already placed. How? Well, each store has different policy, but if you take your receipt along with the coupon back to the store and if the promotion is still running generally for up to a week you may be able to get a price adjustment if you speak with a manager.


 Check your items for mail in rebates. These rebates are specific so fallow the directions and be aware of deadlines and remember to mail them in order to cash in on more savings.


Sort through your coupons and toss out any expired coupons. Make a note of soon to expire coupons so that you can use them if you need the item before it expires. Most coupons are only valued for up to 10 weeks some only one month. So at the end of each month go through your coupons and file new ones as you discard old ones.


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