Spend Less Save More : Storing your stockpile

How do you store your growing stockpile?

Begin with these steps first dedicate your locations. Be logical about where you store your stockpile based on need and items. If you have a linen closet then you may choose to also store personal care and toiletries in your closet. 

Store laundry and cleaning supplies in your laundry room shelves are best for these items they are usually heavy and need some support. If you leave them on the ground make sure that they are on something to keep them off the ground they tend to settle and the pressure may cause them to rupture. I also store cans non perishable items in my laundry room. If I have 50 cans of green beans I usually place ten in my kitchen pantry for easier access I do this for most of my can foods. I also make sure any jar with liquid say pickles, salsa etc. are in plastic basket (dollar store buys), why? Because of any spill or over time they may go bad and burst this way clean up is easy and keeps them from leaking into other items.

If you have a garage storing most of your items non perishables is best, would be best as long as you use shelves and containers. Making shelves can be difficult if you’re not handy. Think of purchasing one try yard sales or second hand shops or even here there are many ways to keep your stockpile safe .If your garage is too humid to store food, you can either buy a dehumidifier.  The most important thing to remember is to keep your stockpile out of direct sunlight; this can cause damage to the packaging and food. If at all possible, always keep food indoors where it is cool and dry. Always store food off the ground on shelves whenever possible.  Doing this will it keep things off of surfaces like concrete that can potentially leach harmful chemicals into the packaging. Keep fabric softener sheets near your stockpile, bug don’t like the smell

Do you have small places consider these places to store your stockpile.

Below sinks

Shelving above the washer & dryer


Tall dressers (yard sales)

Over-the-Door hanging shoe organizers. These are great for small items like hair ties, unopened razors, trial size items, and fingernail polish

Peg board/ hooks

Great for anything that hangs– packages of batteries, razors, cough drops, pens, cotton swabs, etc.

Linen, coat, and bedroom closets

 Tip: I keep a giveaway box in my pantry that is for freebies or if for some reason my items don’t all fit in their designated place say I have five more cans of peaches than  I have space I place them in the box and donate them along with any freebies I have.  When the box is filled I take it to our local food bank. Check your the Couponing for charity page to find a food bank near you, and remember that food banks also a accept toiletries  , diapers and in some areas clothing check with your local food bank.


We have a rule we do not store items in our bedrooms or living areas. We  want to enjoy our home not be ruled by the stockpile.  What do you do when your stockpile get’s too big I’ll be writing about that soon.

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