Spend Less Save More: Strategies for Shopping Online

Now that we’ve discussed online vs. In-store shopping I thought that we should go over strategies for shopping online.


To receive the best deal possible always do your browsing like you would in any store. What would you do when entering a brick and mortar? Grab a cart well that‘s what you should do online check in by opening an account you don’t have to enter your credit card numbers just your email and a password. This will insure you don’t miss out on any savings. When you shop on one page and open another on a different site you won’t risk losing your items in a guess cart.  A good strategy is to leave your cart don’t check out when you have items in your cart when you do this you should receive an email reminding you of your items in an hour to 24 hours and with most retailers you will also receive an offer anything from free shipping to 10-20% off your order.


When online go between websites this will help you know when you’re receiving the best deal. Now just because your online doesn’t mean you can’t haggle a price you can use live chat functions that are on most site to negotiate or even call the toll free number to ask if the site will price match off of a competitor’s site.


As far as online receipts make sure you don’t rely on the website to send you a receipt clip it and save it to a file you may also decide you want a hard copy print it and file it right away. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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