Spend Less Save More: Supermarket Tips

More Supermarket Savings, the best tip for shopping at a supermarket I can give is doing your homework. Scout the store a day or two before your large shopping trip stop in and walk through the store looking for displayed coupons and

unadvertised sales. If would be surprised just how many savings are available if you take the time to look, my daughter says it’s like playing where’s Waldo, but trust me it’s not that hard the store wants you to find these coupons so just take your time and you’ll find a treasure of savings.


The freezer section is a great sales aisle, produce is often less expensive and go on sale more often. You can find coupons much easier for this section than you can for the fresh produce section, and nutritionally there is not much of a difference.


The seafood section be aware of the water content in this section since the products in this section are sold by weight they are often weighted down by water. Buy packaged fish that has been dry-packed or ask that the excess water be shaken out before it’s weighed.


The bakery for some markets the products in this section can be marked up as much as 300% so you may consider baking your own or ask about the day-old  discount. You can always eat it that day or freeze it check out www.stilltasty.com for ways to freeze properly.


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