Spend Less Save More: Teach your kids to coupon and Save


I just completed my once a month large shopping trip yesterday and as always I had my daughter at my side pointing out the sales, quantity to price and calculating our total. Now this day was a bit different because we noticed now that school is out other parents with their kids as well only difference is that the other kids were asking for things and basically putting thing in the cart they did budget for while the parent placed them back on the shelves total chaos for some I’m sure, but in the middle of all that this mother looked over at me and my daughter and said how do you do that. My daughter being 14 and quick said easy I just learned that if we save here then I can get the other non food things I want, even cheaper if we have a coupon for it.

 I want to tell you all that my daughter just completed a goal of saving $114.13 to be exact in order to purchase her very own American Girl Doll and let me tell you she earned it by cutting coupons, going shopping with me I let her keep the change and I mean coins only from our shopping trips and she also sells newsletter to friends and family where she recaps our week and write an original story. It took a year, but her goal was met and she saved with coupon codes and buying her accessories with coupons for her very pricey , but in her words worth it doll.

 So after telling this mother about that and telling the kids that if they want something they just have to save and help with shopping , and of course giving her our website  address to learn all about it this mother reassured me that her next trip to the store will be less chaotic and a lot less expensive.

 My daughter has always encouraged me to coupon she is with me each Sunday cutting out coupons, organizing them and reminding me when the coupons change on my own site. So you see I believe if you teach your children at a young age , mine’s been couponing and learning about quality to price ratio since she was 10 you not only grow responsibity in your children but a respect  for money and the effort  it takes to save it.

You can begin at any age from toddler to teens it just takes including them on your journey.  Start by  telling them to go through their circulars circle the items they know you purchase and they like then have them go through the inserts and pull out any coupons that match and go online to find any that match to print out. When they do the searching cutting and eventually go on the shopping trip they learn so much that will be with them always.

If you find they have an interest in couponing you may want to give them an envelope or section of your binder where they can file away coupons for toys, art supplies, even video games if you know where to look and you just may raise a lifelong couponer. For more tips and savings visit www.where2save.com


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