Spend Less Save More: Tips for a successful garage sale

Steps for a successful Garage Sale
With summer here garage sales are abound so why not make a little extra money and use it to clean out those closets and out grown clothes.

  Make pricing easy and label everything Make sure that every item is clearly marked with stickers or signage. Keep pricing simple is to make each category a different price such as clothes $3, books $1 and so on. Use stickers with the price on them for higher-priced items.

  Advertise Post your garage sale on Craigslist and Facebook page. Make sure that you list the different types of items that you will have and post pictures of the larger items.  Remember to include an email or phone number so you can be reached for questions or offers.  Place an opening and closing time in your ad.

 Signs Advertising online is great, but you also want to catch the Saturday drive by garage sale seekers. Place Plenty of signs at major cross streets and if you have the time make them as a trail to your home.

 A “free” box Put some of the lower-priced items, such as DVDs, books or little toys in the free box. Make sure that you mention in your advertising that you will have a box filled with free items, this always draws people in.  Just make sure that you advertise it as first-come first-served.

 Have change readyConvenience is very important at a garage sale, so you definitely don’t want to make people wait while you run in and out of the house to get change.

  Offer refreshments. Let your kids handle a lemonade and cookie stand. This will keep them busy and  the kids will have a blast and even make a little money of their own.

  Organize like a department store would Many times people are on the hunt for a certain item or a category, and this makes it easy for them. So make a table for all media items, a table for all decorative or knick-knack-type items, a table for toys and so on.

  Start Early Whatever time you had planned on opening, have everything set up and ready to go at least an hour early.  Some garage /yard sales pro head out before 7a.m.

 Start slashing prices Once you’ve decided that it’s time to wind down and end the garage sale, it’s time to really start slashing prices.  Make everything half price or you can sell by the bagful. If you want to sell by the bag, have grocery bags available and make select tables “all you can fit in the bag, $10 or whatever price you’ve decided on. Whichever way you go, have your signs pre-made so you can just pull them out once you’ve decided you’re ready to wrap things up.

 * Donate the leftovers Once the sale is over, don’t lug all of the unsold items back into the house. After all, isn’t the point of a garage sale to get rid of things? Instead, pack them up and take them to your local Goodwill or another donation center. Not only will you get a tax deduction, but you’ll end up helping out someone less fortunate. Some agencies allow you to schedule pick up just make sure it’s an hour after your schedule closing time.

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