Spend Less Save More: Valentine's Day on a Budget

  Well with Valentine’s Day just 11 days away take time to visit our download page for inexpensive gift basket ideas and use your coupons for these purchases. It’s not what you give it truly is the thought. My husband and I don’t spend much on each other, but we always give something the other would actually use and enjoy.


Each year not just myself, but my  children look forward to the Valentine’s day stuffed object yes object it’s not always a stuffed animal sometimes it’s something that lights up sings, and squeaks , but it’s always cute and I now have 18 and looking forward to number 19 these are always accompanied by flowers and a card. But the silly gift is always my favorite I have a basket full of them by my bedside that brings year long amusement. I know it’s silly but its fun too.


I always make my hand made chocolate a jar full.  Usually his favorite meal something Mexican and homemade tortillas usually does it and my daughter and I make his favorite chocolate cake.  Now these are a few of the thing he looks forward to but he mostly looks forward to the hand written card I write him each year he has a box of them and has framed four of them. He loves to be reminded not just how much I love him that’s a given, but how much he’s appreciated and that’s really what every man wants they want to feel appreciated and respected in most studies they would rather be shown those two things than love, but he’s lucky he gets it all.


My husband and I spend each morning after breakfast having a cup of coffee talking about everything but our kids and this over the years has made our marriage strong. We never keep things for another day never keep secrets and discuss every financial decision. So this may not be ideal for all as far as morning coffee goes, but you might consider this a Valentine’s gift to each other a coupon for time alone each day not just date night but each day to just connect and feel like the couple  you are.   I hope this inspires you to let the one you love know it each day not just one day a year. Visit our download page for gift basket ideas at www.where2save.com 


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