Spend less Save More: What to do with all those coupons.

Now that you’ve accumulated your coupons it’s time to decide how and where to store your valuable coupons. There are various ways of storing your coupons. First of all you should have a different system for the type of coupon your are acquiring. If you decide to use eCoupons, such as Savings Star, you simply make a Savings Star account, sign up for your favorite store spot a coupon you like then you simply clip it and load it to your online account and when you use your loyalty card in the store your coupons will be loaded and ready to use.

Whenprinting from a store’s site such as Target or Wal-Mart pay close attention to the coupon if it says redeemable only at  that store or if it says for instant TARGET
WEB coupon then it can only be used at that store. If it can only be used at a
particular store then I print it cut it out and place it in an envelope marked
ONLY Target or ONLY Wal-Mart etc. this way I’m not mixing them up with other
coupons and using them in the right store.

 I keep a basket I bought at the dollar store next to my computer and when I’m on line see a coupon I want I print it out and when I need it I simply go to the basket clip it and use it. When it comes to coupons I receive in the mail I store them I the same basket they are usually small and fall out of files. I also keep a file for Sunday circulars you may
have noticed that on my coupon matchup page I often have a date next to the circular such as: fromSS 1/5, which just means that that particular coupon comes from Smart Source
and was in print on January 5. So when you receive your circular just mark the
outside of it with the date and file your circulars under the three files
SS-Smart Source, RP- Red Plum and PG – Proctor and Gamble this way when you
see the source listed it will be easy to find pull and clip. 

I know what you’re thinking what about the binder, everyone thinks you need a
binder to store your coupons well in some case you may decide you want to clip
every coupon place in a baseball card sleeve and file under type of coupons,
and you can there’s a download to help. However I have been doing this for a
very long time and what I’ve noticed is that I simply do not have time and do
not want to clip all those coupons so I use the file system. Doing this also
prevents you from over spending when you have all your coupons with you the
tendency is to use them just because you have then and you may not be using
them at the right time on the right sale. I do have a folder I keep all my store policies in and then I simply clip the coupons I need when I need them and place them in envelopes marked by store or by aisle what I mean is I write Wal-Mart or dairy on the envelop then when I’m in that store or department I pull my coupons and pull my item then write the actual price down
on my shopping list to keep track of my budget. Any system you use just make sure you’re
comfortable with it and that you make your shopping experience as simple , fast and cost effective as possible, when you do this you will find yourself spending less and saving more.

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