Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 1

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 1

 Learning when to pay with cash and why can be useful when making the most out of your purchases.  Credit and debit cards can be simple to use and you may see the benefits in having a paper trail however when purchasing daily transactions, gas, groceries, quick visit to the coffee house, can also mask spending habits and can quickly rack up hidden fees. Unless you are in credit card debit or spending beyond your means credit cards can be useful in some situations such as travel or online purchases. Here are five situations that cash would make a better option.  

Keep in mind that debit cards are not the same as cash. Every time you use your debit card the merchant has to pay a transaction fee and in some cases your bank holder charges you a fee as well. Some business have been charging higher prices to compensate for this fee, however some business offer discounts for paying cash.  For instance my husband had mechanic work done on our work truck almost a year ago and paid cash because this mechanic, Bill at Bumper to Bumper in Corpus Christi, TX, waits so long to be paid by the company that services his credit/ debit card account he offers a discount for those who pay cash. That is a big savings for our business just because we paid cash.


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