Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 5

Spend Less Save More… When to Use Cash Day 5

Now, the following approach may take you out of your comfort zone, but trust me when you save you’ll find that comfort zone quickly.  Negotiation a better deal on everything from appliances, electronics to styling all can be negotiated if you’re willing to approach delicately.

First step is to do your research when you’re looking to purchase any service or product. Find several advertised offer and then take the best offer to the retailer you chose to purchase from. This does not be the same retailer you have the best offer from so simply ask for a price match. You should always ask for free delivery or an additional discount for buying multiples. Now that you’ve settled on a price ask if an additional 3 to 5 percent can be taken off if you pay cash. 

Above all only try this approach if you are confident in your choice and remember to be respectful and smile it goes a long way when negotiating.


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