8 Ways To Spice Up the Plank

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Planks are great because you don’t need any fancy equipment, you can pretty much do them anywhere, they are so effective (especially for your core), and they work your entire body and your mind! Holding a plank is sometimes just as much a challenge with your mind debating whether or not to call it quits than it is your body being unable to hold itself up any longer. All that said, planks can get dull if you don't vary how you do them, so here are a few ways to spice up your planks:


  1. Plank with hands on a stability ball or a medicine ball.
  2. Plank then tuck right knee into left elbow, repeat on opposite side.
  3. Side plank, bend outside knee up to outside elbow, repeat on other side.
  4. Plank, rotate body to side plank, return back to push up position, switch sides.


  1. Side plank and drop hip down to tap floor and raise back up, repeat on other side.
  2. Plank while tapping the right foot out to the side, repeat with left foot.
  3. Plank while bending and straightening your knees so they lightly touch the ground (only your knees should be moving, rest of body maintaining plank position).
  4. Plank, straighten your right arm, then your left arm, you are now in a plank on your hands, bend right arm and then left arm so you go back down to forearm plank.

So start today and see how much you improve your upper body and core strength by next week! They are tough at first, especially for a lot of women who lack upper body strength, but the best way to improve is to work at it!

Don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today!

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