Spiderweb Nails for Halloween!

 Spiderweb nails

I love nail art.  As a beauty blogger, I like to try different nail designs all the time.  It's not always easy though. For Halloween, I wanted to share an easy nail design that everyone would enjoy and be able to try for themselves.

I made two versions of spiderweb nails to show different color combos and slightly different designs. Spiderwebs are great to do on nails because they're very simple and can look messy.  They vary in appearance, so it's totally okay to make them different sizes and shapes.

I used nail stripers for both designs. Nail stripers come with a thin brush so you can easily make thin lines or details. You can use a nail brush (if you have one) or a nail art pen too - whatever you feel comfortable with.

Most people know what a basic spiderweb looks like, but it also helps to look up an image online.  I made my webs by starting in a corner of the nail (either near the cuticle or near the tip) and creating diagonal lines.  Then I connected those lines with small curved lines, in a spiderweb fashion.

That's all there is to it! They look super cool and don't require too much effort.

For more pictures and details, check out my blog post on these nails: http://bit.ly/18IRLgB

Ashley Freitas


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