Spill Now: The Coupling of Psychology and Technology

College is difficult as it is with the 20 page essays and two hour exams.  There's no question that college life for a lot of students breeds doubt, self-esteem issues, and anxiety toward the unforeseen future.  It goes without saying that added concerns like roommate issues and other personal dilemmas only add to the stress and confusion.   Many students become isolated because they struggle to find a worthy confidant among friends and are hesitant to seek therapy.  Luckily, startup company Spill has confronted a lot of these problems for students all over the US.

SpillNow.com offers an online support community made up of student volunteers who read "Spills" from anonymous members looking to seek help and guidance.  Rather then receiving professional advice from a psychologist, Spill provides peer to peer support.  At first, I was skeptical about the idea of support from student volunteers in place of professional psychologists, but after reading through their site I realized peer to peer support has advantages over professional counseling.  What better way to feel self-assured than hearing advice from fellow peers who've been there themselves?  This is exactly what a lot of anonymous spillers say about Spill's online support. 

How Spill Works

1)  Students sign up anonymously and spill (i.e. write) about anything that bothers them.

2)  Spills are screened by student volunteers to look for crisis situations and to rid of any information that leeks personal identity.

3)  Student supporters who experienced similar situations respond within 24 hours with letters of empathy, support, and campus resources.

Another useful aspect of Spill is the that data from anonymous spillers are used to analyze and identify student issues among college campuses. This information is reported back to colleges and universities in hopes to create or improve campus support programs.

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