Spilling Guts

Because close-ups of spilling guts are so intensely interesting; doesn't everything up close look mysterious and complicated?  Yes, even when it's not always a good thing.

I wanted to share a few quick #momfessions (albeit later than the usual Friday postings all the rage) as I jet between Bambina's upcoming birthday, Christmas, (both this month after my 30ish birthday), starting a new job, and as all mothers working and non know, just keeping up with the daily grind.

  • My flatware is all mis-matchy.  Company over for meals/snacks/dinners always ask where I got the fork they're using.  My honest response is that it was "picked up along the way."
  • My grandmother, whom I haven't seen in who-knows-how-many years, just moved to my hometown.  We see her later this month.  I barely know her but hope at least Sillyboy can appreciate that not many people get to meet their great-grandmothers.
  • I haven't bought half the Christmas presents yet.  #procrastinator
  • I feel absolutely blessed for our family of four- even when Bambina uses her wrist as a landing tool and we spend a few hours (and okay x-rays later) at Urgent Care.  Screaming baby plus holding down her injured arm for x-rays equals momma needs a drink later.
  • We're starting the weaning process.  Yes, "we" as in I'm sure we'll all have to endure.  I was too lucky and it was too easy with Sillyboy.  Moms should never say "too easy" because the next kid will test that theory and prove you all kinds of wrong.

I'll be back next time with some weaning updates.  I have to say there isn't a whole lot to add about the baby-led-weaning process except "It worked!" because Bambina will eat everything.  She hasn't disliked or pushed away a single food, and our pediatrician said besides grapes/honey/peanut butter, it's a no holds-barred event.  She even likes calamari!  #woot. Please pass on any weaning stories to me on some tips of how to avoid the in-between issues during the days and weekends.


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