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I love spin class and recently I’ve been attending FlyWheel classes more than going to my regular gym (mainly because I like knowing I won’t have to arrive 45 minutes early or engage in fisticuffs just to get a bike).  I have grown to love the dark nightclub atmosphere and the music in the class I usually attend is exactly what I need to stay motivated.  All that said, I have a confession.  My Power score is low.


For those not familiar, FlyWheel has a device on each bike that calculates a Power score based on your resistance, speed and overall power output on the bike.   These scores are displayed (if you choose to participate) on a big screens called a Torqboard  in front of the room with results broken out by Female and Male class members.  Those of you familiar with FlyWheel know what I’m talking about – my secret shame/confusion over how in the heck these super-humans are cranking out 300-400 PowerScores-don’t even get me started on the guys scores-while I sit here in the low to mid 200s on my BEST days.

One of the big draws to FlyWheel for some is the competitive nature of the Torqboard – being able to push yourself to get the highest score and beat out the “competition”.  I am a fairly competitive person myself, and I admit it bugs me a little that I’m not pulling huge numbers.  However, realistically I know I’m burning the calories I need to and putting in an honestly difficult level of exertion in every class.  My legs are burning and the area around my bike is basically a puddle of sweat after each class.  So maybe my Power scores are on the lower end of the scale, but that doesn’t mean I’m doing something wrong.  My goals right now aren’t based on being better than anyone except my past self.  Today Me is competing again Yesterday Me – not numbers on a board in class full of people I don’t know.

I have had to accept that I’m running my own race in spin class, in my kettlebell training, my yoga practice and my life for that matter.  I may not have the highest resistance or the heaviest bell or be able to hold triangle pose for full time.  What I do know is that a year ago, I wasn’t doing any of these things.  I wasn’t even working out at all a year ago.  I was 20 lbs heavier a year ago.  I was not terribly happy a year ago.

Today Me is kicking Yesterday Me’s ass right now.  When you look at it that way – my 200+ Power score is pretty dang awesome!







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