Spin The Life Insurance Wheel of Fortune: A Sure Bet

Spinning the wheel on the mega-popular TV show Wheel of Fortune is never a sure bet. Viewers hold their collective breath each night as contestants take chance after chance spinning that fickle wheel.

They risk landing on the ominous black BANKRUPT wedge… or on that glittering $5,000 silver wedge. The game’s fortunes are extreme— from rags to riches. There is no strategy to the spin.. just pure chance and luck. It’s sort of fun to watch, as long as it’s somebody else’s money you’re gambling with. But when you’re risking your own money, that is no game.

Which is why it is so puzzling to see how many Americans are gambling with their hard-earned dollars and risking their loved ones’ future by not having life insurance protection. Recent studies show that 35 million American households do not have life insurance, 11 million include children under 18.

Life insurance is no gamble; it’s a sure bet. You buy it to cover the family’s primary moneymaker— a couple or at least one spouse. That would leave the family in good financial shape if that person were to die.

A term life insurance policy can provide that cushion— helping pay off a mortgage and pay for the children’s college tuition. The proceeds of that death benefit payoff can mean the difference between landing on the bankrupt wedge or getting that shiny, green MILLION dollar wedge. That is the ultimate long-shot on the TV show but not in the life insurance game.

That million dollar policy is more affordable than you think, especially if you’re younger and healthy. A very healthy 40-year old man can buy $1 million of level term life coverage for 20-years for about $650 a year! That is a sure bet.. not like spinning the wheel of life and hoping to get a big pay day.

It brings to mind that wise, simple quote from the Forrest Gump movie, “life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you’re gonna get.” With life insurance you KNOW what you’re getting; financial security, peace of mind and less risk in a risky world full of uncertainties.

Don’t take a chance with your loved ones’ well being. Get a FREE term life insurance quote now… and secure their future. Let somebody else gamble their future away while you take the sure bet.

LifeQuote Holdings, Inc., is a pioneer in online life insurance brokerage. The firm was one of the first to offer consumers free life insurance quotes via telephone in the 1980’s, prior to developing the Internet business model. The executive team is made up of life insurance and retirement plan veterans, as well as media/marketing specialists, and experts in web design, development and search engine optimization. The company CEO is a respected leader in his field and coveted public speaker at national industry meetings. To find out more, please visit www.lifequote.com.


The author of this LifeQuote Blog post is not a licensed life insurance agent or broker.


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