Spinach, Roma and Ricotta Pizza

This is a rewrite. An hour ago, I had a three-paragraph spiel to go with this recipe. I went on and on about how much I love pizzas, how much I spend on pizzas, how much I’d love to learn how to make pizzas, how much easier my life is with pizzas. I was actually feeling happy talking about pizzas. Then, I accidentally clicked on “delete”. Pffftt! There it went! So, here I am, trying to reconstruct the previous contents. The only struggle is, the day I hit the 30+ mark, not only did things start to hang, things started to get forgotten as well. For the life of me and my blog, I can’t recall a word from that deleted entry! Oh well! I’ll just walk straight to the tomatoes and go ahead with my entry to the Hay Hay Donna Day Pizza event at 80 Breakfasts. http://thecookmobile.com/spinach-roma-and-ricotta-pizza/

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