Spinach salad with poached egg and crispy sausage



What do you do when you're a bit lazy and even the idea of going out to buy groceries seems like a huge task, but you're pretty hungry at the same time? In my case, it means going through the fridge like an idiot, looking for any leftovers or forgotten foods. Meanwhile trying to think of different combinations to make good use of the found treasures.

My fridge kind of let me down on this particular occasion, my hunt for leftovers left me with just a small amount of fresh spinach and a quarter of a Dutch dry sausage. Luckily one of my kitchen basics is to always (always!) have some eggs. They're so versatile and they make a quick meal any time of day. Lifesavers, really!

My initial idea was to make oven-baked eggs with spinach and sausage. But I was worried the spinach would get dry and crunchy, and that's not the way this Popeye prefers her spinach. Then I thought of making a super simple salad of spinach, the sausage baked into crispy little bits, with a poached egg and a balsamic mustard dressing. With a few slices of nice grilled bread it made a perfect lunch, allowing me to postpone leaving the comfort of my house for a couple of hours.

Find the recipe and how to poach an egg on Eva in the Kitchen


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