"Spiritual beings having a human experiance"

      hello, i am jessica over at The Avenues.....

   here is a sample of part of one of my latest blog posts from there. 

                           or i am a celestial being having a human experience.

    in this way the way i perceive my life, what i do, how i think, who i associate with changes, mostly in the way that i see myself.  in this way i do not see my body as broken, damaged, imperfect, un-beautiful. rather i come to see myself as God see's me and how he wants me to see myself.  now i do not see my self as imperfect reaching for perfection, that is un-intainable, no now i see myself as perfect but learning, growing, being shaped, and molded into a more fuller self.

  this is probably very crazy to hear for those who are christians and in the lds faith. we are taught that adam and eve fell so therefore we have become imperfect. but what they did, chose to do, i see as something that had to be done in the fuller scale of things. for me, i believe that it had to be done. what we lost was the full presence of being with God and since then, rather than being in the full scope of beauty and light we are in a state of darkness of our minds...


       -you can find the rest of this post over at my blog www.jandcavenues.com here


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