Spiritual Sites and Travel

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Houses of Worship

For many travelers, visiting a house of worship is a deeply personal occasion. Seeking solace and spiritual inspiration, travelers of all different beliefs cross the globe to visit those locations that are meaningful to their faiths. 
Kaulanapueo Church Maui Hana Hawaii www.turnipseedtravel.com
The peaceful and serene Kaulanapueo Church can be found along Maui's Hana Highway
You don’t have to have strong spiritual beliefs to enjoy a visit to a house of worship or a spiritual site. Virtually all religious sites welcome people of different faiths and most allow visitors to enjoy the sanctuary space between prayer, worship, and music programs. Houses of worship offer a special insight into the beliefs and culture of a region. They are also of interest for those who love history, philosophy, art, architecture, genealogy, anthropology, music, and literature. 
Paris Notre Dame Architecture www.turnipseedtravel.com
Spectacular architectural features in side Paris' Notre Dame.
Those seeking spiritual guidance and comfort and those looking to renew and enhance their faith will often be drawn to houses of worship, but all respectful travelers can visit for any number of reasons. If you want to experience world famous art, reflect on the lives of princes, poets, and politicians, connect with local culture, revel in architectural wonders or simply have a moment of personal reflection, you will enjoy visiting a house of worship. 
Istanbul Blue Mosque Worship www.turnipseedtravel.com
Istanbul's Blue Mosque. Photo courtesy wikipedia commons.
For me, any opportunity to travel is an opportunity to connect from people of different cultures, faiths, and ways of life. Visiting a house of worship helps facilitate that connection and I always welcome the chance to learn more about different religious backgrounds. 
Flagstaff Arizona Pueblo Aboriginal Sacred History www.turnipseedtravel.com
Ancient Aboriginal sites, like these pueblos in Arizona, should be treated with respect as a sacred location.
I also love how houses of worship are gatekeepers of history, art, literature, and architecture - some of my favourite travel subjects. When I learn the history of a house of worship, I'm really getting to know a city, a people, and a community.
Halifax Church Stained Glass <a target=www.turnipseedtravel.com ">
Beautiful stained glass in a church in downtown Halifax.
In some cases, houses of worship have become equally famous as tourist attractions as their original design. The Blue Mosque of Istanbul, the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris, and Westminster Abbey in London often welcome as many tourists as they do worshipers. While you might be surrounded by hoards of tour groups, always remember that you are in a sacred site. Dress modestly and respect signs indicating photography rules. Keep your voice down as not to interrupt those visiting for religious purposes. 
Church Kona Hawaii www.turnipseedtravel.com
Small churches offer big charm in Hawaii.
Houses of worship rarely charge an admission fee, yet they incur significant maintenance and staffing expenses when they host so many visitors. Always remember to offer a donation.


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