Splitting Expenses With Your Live-in Love

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Whether you live with your love-in-life under the legal bounds of marriage or not, money is bound to be a source of friction. If you're not married, is it ever "our" money? Britney Hope gives five tips I totally agree with -- and I've been there. My husband and I lived together for fifteen months before we got married.

She writes:

The subject of sharing money brings me to my next tip; do not borrow from or lend money to your partner. This includes but is not limited to: making large purchases with the agreement that the money will be paid back, spotting rent, lending credit cards. It’s just a plain old bad idea. Even if you/they fully intend to and are capable of paying the money back, loaning money to a loved one is like biting your nails. It seems harmless, but it can quickly become a bad habit, cutting an otherwise good relationship to the quick.

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