Spoiled Much?

This morning was like any other snow day in our home.

I woke up, flipped the Keurig on, stumbled around half asleep looking for my slippers, let the dog out, noticed  the dishwasher wasn't ran last night, played all five lives of Candy Crush I earned while sleeping, scheduled two medical appointments...  You know.  Normal.  By 9:30am I was yelling for the kid to get out of bed.  At 10:00am I was screaming loud enough for the neighbors to hear me through my shut windows and theirs.  He is turning 16 years old next week; he has no intention of getting out of bed (kinda strange since he never wants to go to bed either?)

Normal.  Come in here and wipe up the milk you spilled. Love you.   Wash your laundry (yes, he does his own and has for a few years now!)  Love you more.  Why is your cereal bowl in the family room?  Love you the most.  Bookbag, clarinet case, loose papers, two pair of sneakers, ballcap, and stinky socks all need out of the kitchen please!  Really, I do love you.  Really.  I.  Do.

I helped my husband clear the ice-snow off of both vehicles, slipped in the driveway, made third cup of coffee, reviewed the class ring the kid wants to order later this week...

I was busy.  Normal.  Kid was busy.  Normal.

The child-adult in this article?  Not normal.  Please God tell me this is not normal!  What would make a newly 18-year-old adult child believe that she can tell her parents that she is leaving because she doesn't like the rules and then sue them for child support?  her case is that she is an adult and should be permitted to live where she chooses but that her parents should be paying the bill.  The bill for her new car, her private education, her college education.  Serioulsy?  There is absolutely nothing that you can possibly need that justifys requesting over $600 per week in child support for your adult self!

Hey chic.  Suck It Up.  Grow up.  Mom and dad's house = their rules.  Their money = they dictate how it is spent.  You want to call the shots?  Get a job at McDonalds.  Give the car back.  Take out student loans for college.  Finish high school in public education.

And...how is it that NJ law states that mom and dad must support a child while they are in college?  What?  Thankful we moved from there more than five years ago.  Cannot wait to see what the judge says in April about her parents funding her college education.  I say they use the money for a long vacation without her spoiled butt!  Who is with me?

Did I forget the mention the best part?  Another adult is funding her attorney so she can sue her parents!  The things my grandmother would say about this spoiled girl are not allowed on this website!


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