Sponsored: The Path to Healthy Financial Balance, brought to you by Chase Blueprint (Room 11B)

BlogHer research has often shown that money is a more taboo subject than even sex when it comes to blogging. Despite our cultural reluctance to talk about money, personal finances and financial management have never been hotter topics, online and off. Technically, we're out of the recession but most of us are not yet feeling out of the woods. This session will explore the new tools and conversations that have cropped up around the need to manage your finances. We will also look at recent research on consumer behavior...and where we could all improve. Wall Street Journal personal finance columnist Katherine Rosman moderates a discussion featuring personal finance blogger Suba Jagannathan, frugal and couponing blogger Denise Tanton and Chase’s Caryn Kaiser, an expert in consumer financial behavior, for an illuminating conversation about our attitudes towards money... and how to take control of your personal finances.